Noor Nuyten
Waving the Future
Digital Dust
Offline Timer
Swiped Horizon
Gravitational Screen
Golden Mountain - NFF
Commission Rijksoverheid
A Body's Time
Still Life of one Minute
Rehearsing the Future
Let's Meet At 3 O'Clock
Exhibition In Your Hand
Future Is Behind
Gravitational Choices
Timezone Ensemble
Digital Words
Measured Through a Screen..
Daily Landscape
Today's Schedule
Postcard Of Flatland
Unknown Settings
Collectors Time
Wrapping Paper
A 0°C Globe
A 50°C Horizon
A Building is 3 Mm
Measuring Space
Two Meters
Dotted Lines
Folded Horizon
Leap Second


Gallery: Upstream Gallery,

Studio: Noor Nuyten,

With the generous support of: